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Hello, my name is Beowulf. My human named me for the epic warrior because she loves the tale, as well as mead. My sister(Ursula) and I love the delectable treats she bakes, as well as our homemade meals! We are likely two of the most spoiled and well-fed dogs around, so if you need any tips, tricks, or recipes for dog fabulousness you are in the right place! You ask, I answer. And just so we are perfectly clear, I will not "candy-coat" anything!

April 18, 2015

Are You Friendly?

   Have you ever noticed any humans asking if you and your dogs are "friendly"? Apparently, there is not one common meaning for this term. In our world, friendly means calm, cool, and collected, able to function out in society without aggression. Being friendly means we can all get along, it doesn't mean we have to "like" eachother on Facebook or anything! Over the course of my 11+ years of socializing(parks, beaches, campgrounds, trails, etc.) I have heard that question of "friendliness" about a million times, and half of the people asking have UNfriendly dogs! Is this a paradox? Is this some sort of reverse psychology greeting? It is definitely very confusing! I am bringing it up today because it just happened again, at the beach this morning.
   Stranger(from a distance): "Are your dogs friendly?"
   My human: "Yes."
   Stranger(as he approaches with his dog off-lead): "My dog doesn't like other dogs." He states this while eyeballing me as I engage in sniff-butts with his dog.
   My human: "So keep walking." She does a shooshing thing with her hand to make sure the stranger understands, because they don't really speak the same language.
   So the stranger walks on, and we continue playing in the ocean at the spot where we had parked our stuff. I never wander far from my human because we are always occupied with swimming, retrieving, etc., so she doesn't need to yell to people from a distance. She also never asks if another dog is friendly because if they are running loose, off-lead, it is assumed that they are. That statement brings me right back to the issue at hand, assuming that all dogs and their humans are "friendly" in the way we think of the term! In response to this confusing state of dog affairs, I have a few tips on etiquette for both friendly and not-so-friendly people and their dogs:
     A. If your dog "does not like other dogs", do not take it to dog-friendly places!
     B. If your dog is not friendly, keep it on a leash in public, possibly muzzle him/her.
     C. If your dog does not stay close to you at all times when off-leash(running up to other dogs or
          people is actually called "charging" and is illegal.), and you must yell to it or approaching
          people/dogs from a distance, then your dog needs to be on a leash.
     D. If you and your dog are friendly, beware of those who are asking.
     E. If someone tells you that their unrestrained dog is not friendly, tell them to put the leash
         on or face a fine.
     F. If a strange dog charges you and yours, while the owner is miles away, be sure to educate that
         person about "charging" and how it is not O.K.! (If their dog starts a fight, who is going to
         break it up? Who is going to get injured?)
   In conclusion, whether you and your dogs are "friendly" or not isn't relevant. What is important is that everyone respects other people and their rights to play in public spaces! If you want to take your unfriendly pup to the beach, great! Just know that you are in public, and that a majority of the others there are friendly so you cannot expect everyone else to worry about you! Keep that pup on a leash until he/she learns some manners!

                                                                  Happy Tails!!!

April 13, 2015

Beowulf the Dragonslayer

    Oh happy Springtime! All the crazy critters are out, just waiting for me to chase them! I especially love my Grandparent's yard because it is not fenced-in, and all kinds of animals come up from the canal. Turtles, ducks, iguanas, and such creep into the yard all the time, while the typical backyard fauna(small lizards, birds, squirrels, oppossum, etc.) try to play "keep-away" from me. My human let's me chase all I want, but I am not allowed to kill anything. She feeds me plenty of raw meat, so it's not like I am hunting for food, anyway. Her favorite saying is "You have to eat what you kill!", and lizard just doesn't appeal to me. So I just enjoy the play-hunt, and when I do actually catch something(I am a highly skilled stalker, after all!), I make sure my human saw the feat then drop it. All but the oppossum(who is playing "possum") shake it off and run away. Occasionally someone leaves a tail behind(lizards), and I have been caught with a mouthful of feathers. But when my humans says, "Stop!", I freeze. (As long as I am in hearing range, hehe.) There was that one time on a trail with the fox...I was long-gone before she could even open her mouth! Of course those super-fast red-heads are like lightning, so I didn't catch it. Then I ran to tell my human all about it, and she praised me for coming back. She couldn't be mad at me for not listening because I never heard her!      
    So my advice to all the humans out there whose awesome animal companions are ready to hunt down the wild beasts just to prove their worthiness? Please remember that we are animals, too, and hunting IS our first instinct! Good training is very important, but if you don't keep an eye out, we may be out-of-sight before you can shout the command! Then, if you punish us upon our return, that only teaches us not to return. We will hardly want to come back if we think we will be reprimanded. If there are wild animals coming into your yard which you want to protect(And hopefully you do!), just go out before your buddies and scare them off. A good hose-down ought to do it!

                                                           Happy Tails To You!

February 14, 2015

Doggy Heart Beets!

Oh happy day! It is our Adoption Anniversary(11 years for me, 2 years for Ursula) and our human just made us the most delicious treats ever, Doggy Heart Beets! I don't know what this "Valentine's" thing is all about, all I care about is being treated extra special with extra treats! Before I share her secret recipe with you, just a few V-day tips:
    1. Please don't get carried away and give your dogs chocolate! It still contains 'theobromine' which
        is toxic for dogs! You may not notice any outward signs right away(especially from larger dogs),
        but it is a fact that this toxin is serious, so please do not risk even a crumb! "... another serious danger is posed by the fat and sugar in the fillings, which can sometimes trigger life-threatening pancreatitis several days later.[citation needed] The most common victims of theobromine poisoning are dogs,[3][4] for which it can be fatal. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theobromine_poisoning).
     2. Your dogs may not have any idea of what "V-day" is, but they can certainly sense the feelings
          which their humans have in response to this occasion. If you are celebrating, please include the
          pups by offering extra special play dates and healthy treats! (If you are depressed, please don't
          include us in your pity party.)
     3. Please continue to check labels and avoid ALL things 'made in China' for dogs. Cutesy, red,
         heart-shaped toys may be tempting, but if it's made in China(a country well-known for poison-
         ing dog foods and treats) it would be best to pass. You don't want to find out later, after your
         pup gets sick, that there was also some crazy toxin in his/her toys!

OK! Now for the Doggy Heart Beet recipe everyone has been waiting for!!!
                            1 c. coconut flour OR oat flour
                            1 c. flax meal
                            1 c. beet pulp(from the juicer) OR a few tblsps. beet juice(no water needed)
                            2 eggs
                            2 tblsp. coconut oil
                            a couple tsps. each: anise extract, ground clove, cinnamon, cayenne, chamomile

                       Press into small balls(cherry tomato-size) then press flat onto foil-lined cookie                                 sheet(My human found heart-shaped cookies sheet at Michael's craft store).
                       Bake @ 300* for 45 minutes OR freeze em! (Our human bakes for travel, freezes for
                       raw goodies at home.)
Doggy Heart Beets for my sweethearts!

"Did somebody say 'treat'?" photo bomber.   

                        Hope everyone has a lovely and yummy V-day!
                                                                                         Happy Tails!

P.S. Don't be alarmed by the red leavings after your dog eats beet treats...

January 30, 2015

Dogs With UTIs??? (Isn't that a human condition?)

     I have met so many dogs over the past few years who have had painful urination, are dehydrated, overweight, sluggish, and just plain miserable! I really feel bad for them, and am just so grateful that I do not suffer the issue which commonly presents those symptoms. So many dogs are now suffering uncomfortable, sometimes very painful conditions which used to be applied to humans. The one in particular I am seeing so much of is urinary tract infection or UTI. Canines of the past had such strong immune systems that they rarely got infections, and their anatomy is still such that a very short intestinal tract should be able to quickly flush any bacteria out. But things have changed over time, and plenty of scientific research is pointing to commercial dog foods as the major culprit in these ailments. The dried, grain and chemical-laden foods most often fed to dogs today is just not healthy. Canines(and felines) are carnivores, so their bodies need raw meat to thrive.
     In addition to prevention with nutrition, it is important to note that certain "pure" breeds are notoriously prone to UTIs, especially the popular French Bulldog. I have also heard rumor of Shepherds, Poodles, and Labs getting UTIs. I don't know if a breeder will divulge that information(it might deter buyers), but they should. So to all the humans who are ready to bring home a new family member, at least be aware of the special issues/care that may be necessary for your little ones. Here is a list of basic symptoms which may indicate a UTI:
                          More frequent than usual peeing
                          Insatiable thirst/power drinking
                          Straining to pee, exhibiting pain when peeing
                            (In serious cases, your dog will be in more pain
                              than you realize, and you may even see blood
                              in the peepee...time for the vet!)
     For mild symptoms, it is fairly easy to eradicate the issue at home with proper foods, herbal remedies, and lots of attention. My human and I agree that prevention is always the best policy, so here are a few tips to try to curb any infection before it starts:
                           Offer plenty of fresh water during the day.
                           Allow for frequent potty breaks! Forcing a dog
                               to hold too long(more than 5-6 hours at a time)
                               will cause infections.
                           Feed a species-appropriate diet(raw meat, bones,
                               organs, etc.)
                           Keep doggies clean and fresh. Females are esp-
                               ecially prone to UTI because their junk is
     If the unfortunate happens and your pup does get an infection, here are a few home remedies my human would use:
                           Bathe then rinse with ACV(apple cider vinegar)
                             and water(1:3). Don't use ACV straight cause
                             it burns!
                           Add 1/2 tsp ACV to water every day til infection
                              clears up. Afew tblsp of coconut water will
                              also help AND taste better.
                            Feed 1 tsp coconut oil each meal.
                            The homeopathic remedy Traumeel is the best
                               anti-inflammatory/pain killer EVER! We use
                               it for all kinds of pains and injuries, and the
                               liquid drops are best for UTIs(half human dose).

       P.S. For prevention, remedy, or cure, I recommend several
              all-natural treats and chewies per day! (My human puts
              those drops on em and we can't even tell.)
       P.P.S. (Don't mind the pun.) Never give dogs citrus juices,
               including cranberry! Too much sugar and the ACV will
               balance ph levels if they are off.

                                      Two happy campers!

                                                   Happy Tails to You!!!

November 6, 2014

My Human Gets A Shout Out From Cesar Millan!

So I may have mentioned that my human(Ashley Kujan) is not only my caretaker, but also an artist. She had done a watercolor portrait of "Daddy", Cesar Millan's beloved(now deceased, RIP, Daddy) bully ambassador several months ago then sent it to him as a gift. Well, Mr. Millan must get tons of fan mail, because he just(finally!) received the painting! Yay! You can check it out at this link:


And if you want her to paint a portrait of your companion/s, just contact her through her website(click on tab above that says, "Dog portraits by Ashley")!

                                       Happy Tails!